The Speech

Brilliant! One of those books where the past is brought to life … loved the diverse and fascinating characters and amazing, realistic dialogue. Highly recommend.


A violent crime brings a disparate group of characters together as they struggle to find their places in the swiftly changing society of 1960s Britain. Set against a background of ‘subversive’ music, radical fashions, and profound change in ‘moral values,’ they attempt against all odds to bring a fair conclusion to an unjust investigation. As they work together against murky elements of self-interest and bigotry, they’re forced to confront their own consciences and prejudices.

HonMemb02Mrs. Georgina Verington-Delaunay is a volunteer working in the Conservative riding office of Enoch Powell, now at a critical point in his political career. Frank and Christine are art students inadvertently caught in an undercurrent of intolerance. Nelson and his aunt, Irene, are Jamaican immigrants striving to make a life for themselves in an atmosphere of turbulent emotions and polarised opinions concerning Britain’s immigration policies.

HonMemb01In and around the unfolding plot we learn about the brilliant but deeply flawed Enoch Powell. We’re privy to his life — both public and private — leading up to his infamous Rivers of Blood speech, and to some of his hidden motivations. Despite frequent calls to reveal his sources for outrageous anecdotes included in the speech, Powell never divulged them. THE SPEECH conjectures about the possible genesis of Powell’s ‘stories.’         See reviews here.

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