Edith’s War

“Smith evocatively and sensitively probes the internment of 
Britain’s Italians during WWII. As their story unfolds, 
one woman’s secrets and life-altering choices are slowly and 
tantalizingly revealed.”
      Michelle Alfano, ‘Made Up of Arias’

“Edith’s War is an intricate study of war, love and survival. A must read.”
      Zoomer Magazine

“The book starts gradually, this brushstroke, that brushstroke, then kicks in. The two time zones – England 1940, Venice 2002 – each get stronger, then at the very end, come together — the sons 60 and Edith now 80, brilliantly handled. Made me cry, that last chapter. A good book can do that.”
      Richard Halperin, ‘Anniversary’

Edith's War“Andrew Smith weaves a spellbinding story of love and war — of remembering and secrets — that transcends time to explore the triumph of the human spirit over heartbreaking events.”
      Wayne Hurlburt, Book Blogger

“Smith is a sure hand with capturing the way human experience is shaped by tragedy and exceptional circumstance.”
      Online Portfolio of Marcy Koopmans


Winner of a Gold Medal for Fiction, Independent Book Publishers’ Awards, New York

Edith's War Gold Metal

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